Right Person

She entered the kitchen, hoping to make her sister, Veera, cook something for the guests.

Veera looked at her furiously,”Why am I expected to cook? Is the guy going to marry me or my cooking skills?” She smiled,”You are not expected to cook but cooking is therapeutic, it makes you feel good. Try it. If everyone ends up liking your dish, tell me how you felt in the end”.

Veera widened her eyes,”Whatever! I just hope the guy is good looking and doesn’t have a joint family!” She laughed,”Haha! You would have had more fun if it was a joint family”. Veera reluctantly got back to cooking.

She came outside to check if the guy and his family had arrived. They just entered then. Very tall, very handsome. She was overwhelmed. Coming back to senses, she smiled to herself,”Ok! So one thing is checked off Veera’s list! He is definitely good looking”.

They all sat in the drawing room and somehow, the conversation drifted towards how he managed food while living alone. He told her dad,” Oh, we had a cook at our flat but I used to cook too. Cooking feels therapeutic to me. If I cook for my loved ones, it is an amazing feeling!” She stared at him in disbelief. Her father asked him,” So, yours is a joint family?” He smiled and said,”No, its just me and my parents. Although I know joint family has too much nuisances, yet I wish we had one, joint families seem to be fun”. She was taken aback, she hold the door next to her to be able to stand. Somehow, she tip-toed back to the kitchen. Veera was ready with her dish and smiled excitedly at her,”Oh my God, sis! Don’t you think he is too hot?” Veera hurried out of the kitchen.

She sat on the kitchen shelf, remembering a conversation with her colleague. “When you meet the right person, you will know”, her colleague had said.

She wondered if Veera’s dish tasted any good.


Note: This is part of WordPress’ Weekly Writing challenge from their blog – The Daily Post. They have these really fun exercises going on, all the time. Read about this challenge on flash fiction here.


Life instagrammed #1

I really love reading life snippets/ instagram weeks posts on various blogs. I wanted to start doing this in this year. Honestly, I did not click anything via instagram this past week. I click a lot otherwise but I don’t use instagram all that much. Basically, I clicked nothing that relates to my week for this post EXCEPT this 🙂 :


I know! This diary is super pretty. 🙂 I have been gifted this by L.

I love this and I need something like this in my life anyway, for to-do lists and all as I forget a LOT!

Till next time! 🙂

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Brunch Book Challenge!!

Hey Guys!

Wanted to update you about a little something!

Most of the Indians must be aware of the weekly sunday magazine of Hindustan TimesHT Brunch. Well, HT Brunch has come up with a really cool Brunch Book Challenge, where the challenge is to read 24 books in a year (which, I know, is so less for all you voracious readers out there!).

I am super excited about this challenge, because I have been reading so less compared to what I want to. And the fun part is that I’ll be logging what I’m doing. Basically, the challenge is to tweet about the book that you are reading everytime you are reading one! Tag @HTBrunch and #BrunchBookChallenge to formally be a part of it. You might win prizes at the end of the challenge. (I am so excited that I started using my Twitter account finally, just for this. :P).

If you are not on Twitter or don’t like using it, you can take up the challenge just for fun for yourself and log the books that you read somewhere else, like, in a journal, on your blog, in your phone etc. If you love reading, what’s the harm in doing it for yourself and not as part of a formal game, you know? 🙂 I am sure it will be fun. 🙂

I was thinking about doing a post about each book that I read as part of the challenge. Let’s see how it goes! 🙂


Hello world! I hope there are people who are reading this space. I know it has been long since I last wrote here. Honestly, I have a lot to share. But I am going through kind of a rough phase right now and really don’t feel like writing here. I’ll bug you as soon as I feel like writing. 🙂 Also, it will be a great boost if you can share what’s up at your end. I love to know people’s experiences. 🙂

Milestone: 100 hits

I started this blog as a space to explore myself as a writer by writing about things that interest me (and a photographer too but that will take some time to begin). Honestly, I wanted to be appreciated for what I write or post and I get happy with even a like on my blog posts. 🙂 However, my purpose was not a professional blog where I have to give full attention to publicity ways as well, maybe someday I want to do that but that is not my mind state currently. So, even though 100 hits is not a big thing in the blogging world, it makes me extremely happy because I did not publicize my blog as yet and I am assuming that the appreciation that I got via likes etc. is based on what I wrote. Thanks for taking out time people! 🙂

PS: I have not written a blog post with actual content since a long time. Just waiting for my exams to get over. Oh, and these will be my last exams ever as an undergraduate. 🙂