Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquer in ‘You Took My Love’ | Dupe for Lime Crime Velvetines?


I have two things that I want to start this post with and I am confused about which one to go for because I am itching to say both of them equally. Tough decisions.

Anyway, beginning with one of them, I am super surprised that these gorgeous, gorgeous lip lacquers by Makeup Revolution haven’t taken the beauty blog world by storm. I have hardly seen 2-3 posts by Indian bloggers about them and, in fact, when I actually bought them, there were barely any.

The second thing I wanted to share was that I was craving Lime Crime Velvetines for the longest time but I have nobody whom I can ask to bring it for me from the US without getting embarrassed. But are these Makeup Revolution ones the dupes for Lime Crime? Read on:


These are matte liquid lipsticks that come in a variety of colors and Makeup Revolution is a European brand that is cruelty-free *does a happy dance in her head*. The best part is that the concept is quite similar to Lime Crime Velvetines, which are again matte liquid lipsticks which have been given love by a lot of people all over the world. Let’s have a point by point analysis of the ‘Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer’ in shade ‘You Took My Love’ [pheww! for the name!!].


What I like:

1. Cruelty-free brand

2. Pigmentation is amazing, goes opaque in even one swipe

3. Bright pink/fuchsia color that is usually difficult to find in affordable brands

4. True matte that doesn’t feel rough or settles into fine lines on lips (it’s not moisturizing but not inconvenient either, you’ll have to use a lip balm before applying). Do note that the ‘velvet’ lip lacquers are matte while the ‘intense’ ones are glossy.

5. Sets in as soon as you apply it and stays for a good 3-4 hours, I guess

6. Wide range of colors in this range

7. Pretty much affordable (because it’s always on sale on Jabong)


What I didn’t so much like:

1. This particular shade is very in-your-face and you need quite some guts to pull this off but it’s downright pretty anyway. 🙂 I have only worn it twice so far. Once, when I just received it, I wore it immediately and went off to run errands, got looked at like I was a funny creature. 😛 Second time I wore it to a friend’s wedding and, honestly, I just did not have the time to glance in the mirror once I got ready otherwise I probably would have removed it because I was scared. A girl walked up to me in the wedding to know where I bought this from. 😀 (yayayayyaya :D)

2. The point basically is that it is a blue-based pink/fuchsia. So, it doesn’t work very well for people with yellow undertones (like myself). It looked good in the wedding because we were mostly under lights which made it look less blue and my face less yellow (so much of explanation, much wow). I knew that it is blue-based even when I bought it but I loved the color way too much and I know that I’ll manage to pull it off somehow in dressy enough occasions. I am happy with it.

3. The color selection is mostly not in tune with Indian skin tones, I wish they come up with more colors, that would be amazing!


I am wearing it here and it looks fine because of the lights, else it does look a little blue on my yellow undertone face.

Now the million dollar question of whether it’s a dupe for Lime Crime Velvetine or not. First of all, I have not used them. Secondly, from the swatches and everything, I have felt that the Lime Crime Velvetines are more deep, as in the pigments are deeper so they would probably look more sophisticated. I hope I am making sense here. But apart from all that, these are anyway really amazing to own and I whole-heartedly recommend.

Here’s the link where you can buy it on Jabong. I really wish to buy another shade. 😛



Blue Heaven Fashion Eye Liner | Funny Name but oh, well.

My friend and I were strolling in the market when we decided to enter NewU (Dabur’s Cosmetic Chain) and started checking out glitter nail polishes. I wanted to buy NewU’s in-house glitter nail paints since a long time because I am off Maybelline as they aren’t cruelty-free (I know that Dabur isn’t either but I’ll explain my logic some other day 😛 ). So, my friend looked at the price for the NewU ones and said,”When they are priced exactly the same as Maybelline ones, why wouldn’t I buy Maybelline?” Since I was anyway off Maybelline and I could easily see that those two nail paints were almost the same, I decided to buy the NewU glitter nail paints. Once at home, I happened to examine another nail paint by Maybelline that I previously had and realized that both the Maybelline as well as the NewU one were manufactured by the same company in India. 🙂 Pheww! Why this lengthy story, you ask. Because we are so enticed by the marketing that the big giants are doing that we have completely shut our eyes to local brands! Honestly, if it wasn’t about going cruelty-free, my attention would also be grabbed by the L’oreals and the Maybellines of the world! I truly, truly crave their products and really hope that they stop selling in China so as to become cruelty free and I can finally buy them. :/


Anyway, so I happened to come across this eye liner on Flipkart when searching for a cruelty-free black liquid eye liner. I was shocked to see that there’s no review for this eye liner on any of the makeup blogs, I mean how it is so, ummm, hidden. I bought it anyway because I was curious & for the lack of choices and here’s what I think in a nutshell:

What I like:

  1. Felt tip: Having experienced only two liquid eye liners in my life so far, this and the famous Lakme one, I prefer the felt tip of this one more than the brush and I think it’s easier to work with. However, many people prefer Lakme’s brush tip more than a felt tip, so take your call.
  2. Indian brand and cruelty free.
  3. Compact and travel-friendly packaging: Unlike most liquid eye liners, this doesn’t have a glass bottle and instead has a sturdy, compact plastic one.
  4. It’s neither super glossy nor super matte. It’s somewhere in between and therefore, good for everyday use.
  5. Economical
  6. Easily available on Flipkart and local cosmetic stores.


What I think can be improved:

  1. It is not jet, dark black.
  2. It is not super long staying, as it does fade towards the end of a regular office day.

Overall, I think it is a great budget purchase and it is probably not a perfect choice but for the price, it is amazing! I think one can try this. 🙂


My First……ermm….. Lipstick! (and an amazing makeup product at the end)

Firsts are special. I read this somewhere. Pretty darn true, haan? Be it a good special or a bad special, it is special nonetheless. All you hopelessly romantics out there, hold your horses already! 😀 So, yes, firsts are special and, therefore, I think my first lipstick deserved a post here. I have used lipsticks before but they were my mom’s (and I used to use them when I was a kid 😛 ).

While we are at it, I thought I would also introduce you to one of the most amazing lip glosses ever on the face of Earth, so continue reading (or scrolling, hey I am not judging!) till the end. 🙂


Coming to my first lipstick, it’s the Elle 18 Color Pops in Coral Romance: 42. I bought it around an year ago simply because I ‘craved’ a lipstick. I thought it to be a perfect choice because I had loved the color on various beauty blogs that I read and I wanted to buy something super cheap. In those two departments, it does not disappoint. Am I going to buy it again? Here you go about that:

What I liked:

  • Beautiful color. Although it is meant for lighter skin tones and washes me out, it works great as a tint for me. Like, I just put it properly with it’s entire opaqueness and then dab away with a tissue to only leave a tint.
  • Very cheap. This thing retails for 100 Indian rupees (less than 2 dollars).
  •  Wide shade selection
  • Easily available in India
  • Pigmentation is just about good.


What I did not like:

  • Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether I liked it or not because I won’t buy it again till Hindustan Unilever becomes cruelty-free, at least in cosmetics. Yes, Elle 18 is owned by Hindustan Unilever.
  • The smell puts me off. Now the thing is I have a weird sense of smell. I do have a sensitive nose but it generally likes smells that nobody else will. So, I am not sure whether what I hate in this department would be worth hating actually.
  • It transfers easily and doesn’t stay for long.

I think you can now decide pretty easily. 🙂

Coming to one of the most amazing lip glosses ever on Earth :D, well, this too is kind of my first lip gloss. I say kind of because as a kid, I have bought those toy-like lip glosses which retail in all the local stores. This, however, is more of a real lip gloss. 😛 Presenting Accessorize Fever Intense Colour Lip Gloss: Shade 3. 


I bought it because I find Accessorize’s makeup line super pretty. Haha, yes, I love the packaging. I always wanted to own something from their makeup line and came across swatches of this one. I loved it and got this when it went on sale on Jabong. To say the least, I love it. The color pay off is amazing, it’s neither too watery nor too sticky. It’s a beautiful neutral pinkish coral color and I love the smell. I have shared my experience with this on Mily’s blog here. To sum up:

What I like:

  • Accessorize is cruelty-free.
  • The lip gloss is neither runny nor sticky. It’s texture is very much like liquid lipsticks, you know, opaque and thick enough to stay on lips but not gooey or sticky.
  • The color is a beautiful neutral pinkish coral (it might wash out duskier skin tones).
  • The packaging is BEAUTIFUL (although the prints on the cap wear off after a while 😛 but by then, you would have started loving this anyway).

What I didn’t like:

  • I wish their makeup was cheaper. This thing retails for 650 Indian rupees (although in the Jabong sale, I got it for 230 😀 ).

That’s all. Was it too much in one post? Let me know. 🙂

Current favourite make-up products: Collablog Diaries

collablog diaries 1

Remember Collablog Diaries? Yes, it is hard to remember since we do only one post a month in this series, and that too gets skipped sometimes. Anyway, the second post in this series is up on Mily’s blog right here. It is about the current favourite make-up products that each of us are using! I am not big time into make-up but I love the pretty packaging (lol!) and I enjoy playing around a little bit with it. So, go have a look (if you are into make-up, I mean 😛 as I know most of the readers here aren’t. 🙂 )

In case you want to check out the first post in the series, please go here. It was done on Rose’s blog and it was about DIY ideas (do it yourself) that we swear by.

Do let me know how you find the posts if you happen to check them out. 😀

Tips & Toes Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish


Ok, now, it is completely unintentional that most of the beauty posts are about nail paints. 😛 I guess that’s because they are easier to photograph. 😀


DSC_9072 DSC_9071

Anyway, I got to try out the new Tips & Toes Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish in a basic color as well as a glitter one. Yes, the glitter ones are pretty darn good! 😀 I know many Indians want good glitter nail paints in their life. 😛 I also got excited about the fact that this has so many pastel shades. Indian brands coming out with such shades, instead of only maroons, yay to that! In fact, big yay! 😀 Here’s what I think about these polishes, but first their introduction from the brand. 😉

From the brand:

A high end gel, texture, glitter and nail art top coats for the woman who wants to feel royal! Experience the Red Carpet feel with ourTIPS & TOES Red Carpet Nail Polish.

Features of the Range:

  • Trendy fashionable concept
  • Eye catching shades
  • Easy to apply at home. So no need to go to parlor for any professional touch or costly nail arts.
  • Specially designed flat brush for better application and perfect finishing.
  • Be your own professional nail designer
  • Makes you feel royal like a STAR! Be a crowd puller…

MRP – Rs.225/-

Total Shades – 23


All the shades, pictures sent by brand.


What I liked:

  1. They are cruelty-free.
  2. Good quality, this shade goes opaque in one stroke. (I think texture is same for other shades as well, as I have checked swatches on other blogs).
  3. The brush is good quality, makes application very smooth.
  4. No chipping for around 4 days (only slightly at the tips).
  5. The glitter and texture polishes look really good on nails. I like how the golden strips look on the nails. I also liked the swatches on other blogs of different glitter polishes.
  6. Easy to remove. The glitter one came of on its own as a layer leaving behind a clean nail. 😉
  7. Like I said before, there are a lot of pastel shades available in this Red Carpet Gel Polish range, I love pastels on nails & I like that an Indian brand is offering pastels.
  8. Very good packaging. I know that this is not all that important but its a matter of pride if an Indian brand steps up the game in this department! 🙂


What I did not like:

  1. Price. Now I understand that its not very pricey if we look at the cosmetic market (especially when we have even Indian brands hiking prices every passing minute. Yes, Colorbar, I am looking at you). But basically, these are not cheap either. I would suggest Tips & Toes to price their products competitively. Being an Indian brand, they should understand that the majority of their target customers is middle class and good quality products at decent prices would mean more sales (as compared to good quality products but priced just like other brands).
  2. Availability. I really wanted to try their kajal and gel liners which are out of stock on some shopping websites. When it comes to makeup, women tend to buy products which are readily available in the malls that they headed casually to 😉 (with no intention of buying initially). So, out of sight, out of mind. I hope they are working on both online and store availability.
  3. While they do offer a variety of textures – plain gel polish, color+glitter, textured, glittery nail art top coat, I wish there were more shades available in the plain gel polish range (and priced lower 😀 ). This is not really a dislike factor though.
  4. This particular red color being a dark one stains a bit during removal. But I guess that’s because my nail paint remover is not good quality.


Overall, I think the glitter polishes are a must try, both the glittery-strips nail art top coat and the opaque glitter nail paints. For the plain gel polish, it is very good quality and has nice shades, but it is not much different from nail paints in this price range. However, I would still prefer it than the L’oreal and Lakme nail paints in the same price range because Tips & Toes is cruelty-free. I hope they come with more shades. 🙂

That’s it from my side. Hope you get to try these too.


PS: This was a PR sample sent by the brand for review. The opinion is completely honest. 🙂

What’s in my bag | Office Edition


I love reading what’s in my bag posts. However, I had always thought that I would not do it myself till a long time because it is too much of a task to click every thing from the bag. 😛 But then happened a contest on Instagram by Chumbak  where they asked people to show what’s in their bag. I so wanted to participate and when I clicked a collective picture of my bag’s contents, I thought why not do a post about it and therefore, clicked more pictures. However, one thing that keeps bugging me is that my bag, at that time, did not have the book that I was reading then. So, yes, books are very important in my bag and hence, this book is deserving show stopper attention due to the earlier mistake. 😛

Wow! How much I explain vain stuff!

Here are the contents of my bag in no particular order. By the way, I use those backpack kind of laptop bags for office.

1. Yeah, I put the makeup/beauty pouch first to grab girls’ attention :D! There’s a comb, a super favorite key ring, contact lenses,  and some passport size photos. About everything else, I would love to do a mini review of sorts 😀 :


  •  Nivea Lip Balm in Pomegranate: Smells nice, moderately moisturizing, leaves a soft tint, overall serves the purpose fine. Repurchase: NO because Nivea sells in China and therefore isn’t cruelty-free.
  • Elle 18 Lipstick: I’ll do a full post on this with the shade name & all. Its good enough for the price but definitely something you can skip. Repurchase: NO because it’s an average product and not cruelty-free.
  • Accessorize Fever Intense Color Lip Gloss: Love, love, love this!! If you hate lip glosses, try this one once. The formula is amazing, I like the fragrance even though I have a sensitive nose, the shade is simply perfection for fair to wheat-ish skin tones, might wash out dusky tones, it is basically a warm nude pinkish coral. And, of course, you can see the packaging. ❤ Also, Accessorize is cruelty-free. PS: This thing retails for 650 INR and I got it for 230 INR on Jabong in some sale!! 😀 Repurchase: Since I don’t buy a lot of makeup, I would buy the other shades when I get them in sale. 🙂
  • Jovees Anjeer & Carrot Sunblock: The good thing is that it prevents tanning (and it smells good) and the brand is cruelty-free. The bad thing is that it is quite sticky and makes one sweaty. Repurchase: Maybe.
  • Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Sunblock: I know a lot of people rave about this. I like the fact that it evens out my skin (but not so much). The bad thing is that I don’t like the smell and I want this to moisturize at least a little bit. I don’t like putting different products, too much effort. 😛 It should be a sunscreen+moisturizer. Also, I am not very sure if it prevents tanning, need to check more for that. Repurchase: Yes, if I don’t find a better option in cruelty-free products.
  • Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue: These faces eye pencils are a charm. The beauty blogosphere has raved enough about these and yes, they totally do live up to the hype. I had finished the black one a long time ago and it was SO GOOD. Also, these are cruelty-free. Only problem is that Faces keeps hiking the price for these. I remember the days when they retailed for 250 INR (they are now 400 INR or something). Repurchase:  Yes, after a long time though as I am not craving these yet (and I have enough eye pencils).
  • Oriflame Kohl Pencil: This is no good. They don’t smudge a lot but then the color is removed from your waterline in no time. Also, Oriflame sells in China, so not cruelty-free. Repurchase: No.
  • VLCC Kajal: Dark, rich, matte black. Smudges just about average. I like this product. Repurchase: No, as VLCC is not cruelty-free.
  • Lakme Insta Eye Liner: This is completely a bang-for-your-buck product. It works amazingly for a liquid eyeliner. Although I am sure that it has got some really harsh ingredients because it made my mom’s skin above eyes weird for a while and it stings when it enters eyes. Repurchase: No, as Lakme is not cruelty-free.
  • Lakme Sharpener: This is an amazingly good product. I have read blogs where people complain about how the only problem with their Faces and Colorbar eye pencils (best eye pencils in Indian market!)  is that they break while sharpening. I was very scared when I bought my first Faces eye pencil. But this sharpener made sure that the pencil never broke while sharpening. In fact, I have read other people saying it too that there soft pencils don’t break when sharpened with this. Also, this has slots for both fat and thin pencils. Repurchase: No, as Lakme is not cruelty-free. This would last for a long time, I would probably buy the Faces sharpener next.

2.  The bag itself, my cotton dupatta (stole) to save from heat and huge-ass office ACs. : P There is the old wallet that I have now lost (gone is my second driving license too. Why second? Because I lost the first one when I lost my previous wallet. 😛 NOBODY WILL JUDGE NOW, ok? 🙂 ) Oh, there’s also my spectacles case.


3. Yes, I carry too many notebooks. It’s just that I like keeping different notebooks for different things. So, there’s one office notebook (the plain blue one), the beautiful personal notebook (this glows in the dark 😀 ) where I log my to-do lists, blog related things and everything else. There’s a pocket notebook which is for new words that I learn (although I am too lazy to ever update it :O ). Other things in this picture are my ID card and a pen.


4. Yes, yes, I know the hair pins are totally eww. I actually did not use them since a long time and that’s why did not realize that they look like this. Time to throw away old hair pins (one can obviously do something creative with them, but right now I don’t have the time or the inclination). There’s a hairband as well and do you see those quirky earrings. They are a gift from Dharamshala, a hill station in India. They are super cool ❤ but they are loosened and I can’t wear them now. :/


5. There you see my office laptop, my Sony earphones and an Internet datacard and a pendrive. (Pretty darn important stuff! )


6. That is the book I was reading then. Of course, post coming up on it soon. 🙂



That’s all. I hope it was fun! 😀

Take care & keep smiling 🙂