30 places to eat in India right now!

Today I am writing an unplanned post after a really long time. I am more than just excited for this, you will soon know why. Read on.

Friday's List2

I am writing this post for this week’s Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making. Discover Challenge is a weekly challenge hosted by WordPress with different themes every week & the reason you are reading this post is because this week’s theme fit like a glove to a life situation right now. When I moved from India to Berlin & then to Ljubljana, like most Indians, what I missed most was the food. I LOVE INDIAN & INDIAN-ISED FOOD. I love writing lists too, especially physical lists – with pen & notebook. So, I started making a list of places in my notebook where I want to eat at once I am back to India, random food places that popped in my head at any time. This list was meant purely for fun & now I am sharing the joy with you.



The original list

If you are in India right now and you are a food lover, you can try some of these because, well, you only live once.

Disclaimer 1: This is not a ‘must-eat’ list because it isn’t even my favourite places, heck, I haven’t even eaten at most of these. They are just food places that came to my head while I was missing my home country & its food. So, I just noted the places for future. Also, most places are in Delhi, because that’s where I live & that’s where I will be eating immediately after going back. Haha! So, its natural.

Disclaimer 2: I personally believe that the heart of eating in India resides in its street food, more than the fancy restaurants. However, this list may not represent that because I am more inclined to note down fancy restaurants lest I forget them, but street food & important street food joints are so ingrained in my being that I know even if I forget noting them down, I’ll remember them when I am around. 🙂

Now that we have the important bits covered, let’s move to the 30 places in India (mostly Delhi) where you can eat right now. I have also tried to reason why a particular place came to my head. 🙂

  1. Big Chill: This is one of my favourite Italian joints & I have explained here why I miss it.
  2. Kake Da Hotel, Chandni Chowk: I liked the food of number 3 in the list & since they have the same names, I got reminded that a friend highly recommends this.
  3. Kake Da Hotel, CP: I like the spicy, rugged North Indian food here.
  4. Cafe Hawkers, CP: I visited this with few friends & realized that thankfully it does not do just average food with amazing ambience, like most ‘cafes’ these days. I really liked the food & they have huge portions. Yes, I am going again.
  5. Hunger Strike: This is a small momos joint in Lajpat Nagar & I have been wanting to go here since my B.Tech days, so the craving is at least 4 years old. They are supposed to have one of the tastiest momos in Delhi & momos is my drug of choice, haha!
  6. Majnu ka Tila: Not a food joint, it is a Tibetan refugee area in Delhi & I have this feeling that I would love to try the food that most restaurants & cafes sell here.
  7. Andhra Bhawan: A very simple, no-fuss Andhra food canteen that everyone seems to rave about. I have to try.
  8. Diggin: A super pretty, really dreamy cafe. I always thought its famous due to its ambience, but I have heard the food’s very good.
  9. Wow Momos: I have been around this joint so many times & always acted stingy because why spend even slightly more on momos when you can have them for so cheap. You can judge me.IMG_20150422_184840
  10. Woodbox Cafe: They have pretty food photos on their social media & many people I know like them, although they don’t seem to be exceptionally wow or something.
  11. Blue Door Cafe: I don’t know, long ago I read a blogger’s review of this place & it stayed with me, although doesn’t seem to be very out of the box.
  12. Big Yellow Door: Lot of people recommend & food seems to be delicious!
  13. QDs: Because, oh, just go here
  14. Uber Cafe, GK: We celebrated a friend’s bachelorette here & quite unexpectedly, I loved the food here, almost all the things I tried were fabulous.
  15. Cafe Lota:Recommended by friends
  16. Sakley’s – The Mountain Cafe: Recommended by friends & read about it somewhere
  17. Ivy & Bean: Many bloggers I follow seem to love it
  18. Moet’s Sizzlers: Everyone who has lived in Delhi as a child seems to love it, they have old memories with their families here, I think I should give it a go!
  19. Sitaram’s Chole Bhature:The iconic Chole Bhature joint in Old Delhi, I have tasted here & the food is heavenly!
  20. Rajma Chawal at Shanker Market: I am not a rajma chawal person but this joint is super popular & the way rajma chawal is served here – chaotically arranged on a plate with extras – makes me miss my chaotic & flavorful India so much! ❤IMG_0441_Fotor
  21. Epicuria: Curiosity! Is it a fancy food court? Is it just something overhyped? I want to know. This new place in Nehru Place that every one of my generation seems to visit is on my list, just for the heck of it.
  22. Cafe Di Ghent, Meharchand Market: Anyone who has been here loves it so bad, I feel criminal to not go & check it out.
  23. Theos, Noida:I am not a dessert person, but this comes so highly recommended, I have to see for myself what’s the big deal.
  24. Dolma Aunty’s Momos: I am a momos lover & if there was an award for the thing that I missed most in Europe, then please hand the award to momos! (They are available in Asian stores, but only non-veg ones, and Berlin being the cosmopolitan baby that it is, has some momos’ joints but they don’t manage to match up, sadly).
  25. Elma’s Bakery, HKV: Same as point 3.
  26. Various street vendors selling Gol Gappe: Because obviously.DSC_0225
  27. Various street vendors selling Momos: Because obviously.
  28. Kota Kachori, Jaipur: Kachori is an Indian snack, a fried puff filled with spicy lentil or onion mixture, it is super yummy & the ‘Kota Kachori’, a specialized version from a place called Kota, is my favourite version so far. IMG_20160101_161420_Fotor
  29. 5 pani wale gol gappe, Jaipur: These are super popular in Jaipur, although not exceptionally delicious, still eating gol gappe with 5 differently flavored waters along with my cousins who live in Jaipur is one of my most fun experiences!
  30. Visiting new cities in India & eating there: Truly, when you go somewhere, you start appreciating home more. In my case, though, I am feeling bad that I am almost 25 years old & there are so many unchartered food in India yet unexplored. Can’t wait to change that.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed compiling it! Please let me know in comments if you happen to check out any of these places. Also, you can read these if you want more foodie recommendations.






Who else finds that word romantic? I should tell you I am not the poetic kinds, but Prague’s Czech name just bowled me over. 😉


Prague is one of the prettiest places I have been to & while editing pictures for this post, I really wanted to be there again!IMG_2189_Fotor


Anyway, going a bit off-topic here, I want to make a confession. I feel I never manage to enjoy writing my travel related posts. I feel so pressurised to share the right details but I know when I was travelling, I was just chilling or enjoying the place, so when I sit down to write the post, I know its never going to meet my expectations. Therefore, I just end up writing it as an assignment, like something that I have to do for the sake of it.  So, I am switching things up a bit. From now on, I am going to write my travel tales just the way I want to – sharing exactly what I want to about my time at a place. Its just going to be a tale that you and I enjoy, hopefully. 🙂 Now I am very excited to write this post about Prague because hey! no pressure anymore! Also, my current job asks me to work with travel bloggers and that inspires me so much to work towards having a beautiful, well-maintained blog (laziness wins, but you know what I mean).

Back to Prague now!



Prague is so seriously pretty. Its old town is a page pulled out of a fairy tale, truly. As cliched as it may sound, it is true.


The Adam & Eve Towers, see how the right one (Adam) is bigger than Eve, there were many other differences too!

I wish I had clicked more of the old town’s medieval pictures buildings. The old town has these seriously cute little shops selling all sorts of trinkets, modern as well as traditional things. Turns out that Czech glass is very popular, so Czech glass trinkets were all over the place. Of all the places I have been to in Europe, Prague’s old town was one of the most crowded, still it never felt suffocated. There were small eateries, cafes & restaurants all over the place, people having the time of their life without a care in the world!





Prague is the kind of place where even if you stay for a short while, its quite easy to get the ‘feel’ of the place. When you enter the Czech capital, you can feel the easy, relaxed vibe going around, I cannot explain why that is. No, it is not an annoyingly slow place or something, it just has a relaxed vibe, you come & you know that you are on a holiday! If figures are your thing, you should know that Czech Republic consumes the highest amount of beer in Europe, closely followed by Germany while their population is much lesser than Germany.


So, Prague’s most famous tourist things are Charles Bridge & Prague Castle. I have to say that both are not over hyped places that leave you with disappointment. Both are incredibly fun places to be & I really enjoyed the experience of hiking up to the castle by first walking across the Charles Bridge. The thing that I loved most about Charles Bridge was the artists scattered all over the bridge. Most of you know my love for street markets (& handmade stuff, even if its unaffordable :P), so I totally enjoyed checking out all the artists’ work. Be warned, this could take a while! I also loved that Charles Bridge’s walls has some spots where you can actually sit. Although there is always someone sitting there already, but you have to choose your moments. One time we went there after visiting the really popular 5-storey club of Prague, it was so peacefully quiet & beautiful, plus you could see the Prague castle glimmering with its lights in the night. I need more synonyms for beautiful.






What I liked about Prague Castle was simply its magnificence! One look & its so huge & high up! The cathedral inside is towering & so huge, with artwork all over, be it in any form, just have a look. I think mostly what makes Prague castle so popular among visitors is the view you get from high atop. Its really worth mentioning, see for yourself.






View from top




Charles Bridge as seen (& magnified) from the top of the castle!

Other than this, we also took a walking tour of the Old town to know a bit about the other things in the old town, it really has quite a lot of churches & an astronomical clock tower. I don’t understand how these astronomical clock towers end up becoming such popular tourist attractions, I find them the same everywhere in Europe, even though its quite amazing to realize how so much of thought, intelligence & precision went into creating these astronomical clocks.




The dark tower is ‘Powder Tower’. It divides the old town from the new

Finally, time for my tips for Prague, this time I don’t have so many because when you are in Prague, you will just know. 🙂 The few things worth mentioning:

  1. Prague is a very easy city to see. Take a hike up to the castle, if you are really interested, you can do a guided tour. Relax and enjoy your time at the very beautiful & lively Charles Bridge. Take a walking tour of the old town & the Jewish Quarter. You can also go around the ‘Lesser Town‘, but I don’t have much knowledge about it.
  2. Prague’s trams still exude the old world charm like anything. To some, this can seem pretty outdated but I am not one of them. I loved going around the city in them. If I have to say, I’ll definitely recommend travelling in Prague’s trams.
  3. Prague has this really popular 5-storey club. It has a Czech name, but its the only one in Prague, and really popular. So, you will know. I am not even a clubbing person, still I loved my experience here. 5 different floors with different music, DJs & a whole lot of different ambience on each of the floors, you want to go here, seriously! The lines outside the club can get intimidating on a weekend, but don’t get bogged down. Also, you will see how relaxed people are even while standing in those lines, another example of Prague’s relaxed vibe!
  4. Prague has a lot of alternative tours & things going on all the time. You can check them out by enquiring about them in youth hostels or with fellow tourists.
  5. Oh, I completely forgot to mention please, please do try Trdelník. Its a traditional sweet pastry of Prague, a hollow cylindrical pastry coated with sugar & walnut and the modern version has the hollow filled with ice cream, nutella or whatever you fancy!IMG_2233_Fotor
  6. Edit: I forgot to mention about John Lennon wall & Franz Kafka. The John Lennon wall is a regular wall that started getting filled with paintings by people, during the communist regime, people also wrote their grievances on it. Anyone can paint on it. Although I didn’t know about this wall & didn’t visit. Also, Prague is the birth city of Franz Kafka, so if you are a Kafka fan, you can visit his old house & there is a Franz Kafka museum too. 🙂IMG_2345

That’s all about my trip to Prague. I think Prague is one place that should be on everyone’s list because it is not just another pretty place, it actually makes you feel like you are on a holiday, it just makes you slow down & enjoy life one moment at a time.



4 things you immediately notice about Berlin!


I have been meaning to make this Friday’s list since the longest time because, you know, its supposed to be about things you ‘immediately’ notice if you move to Berlin. 😀 Not quite immediate, still this post is very close to my heart. That is because these are all the reasons why I love Berlin. It is not a tourist-y kind of city, and that is why people who come here as tourists don’t find it that exciting. Berlin had a tragic history which meant most of it was destroyed by air raids etc. So, Berlin hasn’t medieval architecture or cobbled streets or vintage charm to lure you, but here are 4 reasons why you will easily fall in love with Berlin:

  1. Young Culture of its Own: Its bad that I cannot exactly explain it. Anyway, I am going to try. Berlin has a very unique culture that is specific to itself. All over Berlin, you can feel a young vibe like the place is thriving with young energy. You know like a life is just beginning to blossom! No, its not like a city of students or something, I have been to cities like that, in fact, I am currently living in one. Berlin, however, is a city of adults, teenagers, old people just like any other place but the place has a young energy of its own, brimming with new ideas. That’s why its called city of artists, designers & illustrators. The young culture also makes it look like a hipster city many times, and I understand that it can be a botheration to some!IMG_2127_FotorIMG_20160619_175217_FotorIMG_2063_Fotor


    I lived here 🙂

  2. Cosmopolitan: I have read so many expats say that Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for expats and it is totally true! Berlin is seriously so cosmo, its not even funny! Berlin accepts everyone and everything with open hands and makes them its own! Everywhere you turn, there are cultural events happening from a different culture. No matter which part of the city you live in, there would be one Indian restaurant, one Thai restaurant, one Korean restaurant, one Vietnamese Kitchen  and, of course, one Doner outlet somewhere near you. Berlin’s super inspiring startup culture also adds to the cosmopolitan nature of this city!IMG_2357_FotorIMG_2103IMG_2099_Fotor
  3. Food: Following from point 2, Berlin really has a loooooooot of variety from so many countries and none of the European cities or countries I have been to matches up! The best part, though, is that vegetarian options are just as much!! No kidding. In this city, you will be spoilt for choice for vegetarian food, and, wait for it, even vegan food!!IMG_2054_FotorIMG_2146
  4. Different area are actually different: You will probably think that this is true for any city, but really, if you lived in Berlin, you will absolutely agree because I have heard so many Europeans say this too. 🙂 There is the sophisticated Charlottenburg, the quintessentially hipster Warschauer Strasse, the tourist-y & modern Mitte & so on. While writing this line, I seriously do miss Berlin! ❤IMG_1505_FotorIMG_1453IMG_1458IMG_1479_FotorIMG_2096IMG_2102IMG_2091

That is all I wanted to share, you guys.

I would love to know what went through your mind when you read this post. Anything about Berlin? Anything about a city you fell in love with?  Tell me in the comments! 🙂


This grey city which gets colorful every once in a while! 🙂

New free marketplace in India: What are you missing out on?

india banner

With so many shopping websites popping left, right and centre, apart from being spoilt for choice as a buyer, what comes to mind is how much easier it has become if you simply want to sell something.

This idea of setting up a small business, without any investment in building a physical store or even a website of your own, is very appealing. This is what ezebee.com gives you. It provides you with a platform to start a small shop on their website. 


The best part is that the basic version of ezebee.com is free. As from the website itself – “Users are able to open an unlimited amount of Shops, add infinite products to their shops, and best of all, there are no commission fees for transactions completed through ezebee”. Other than this, they also have a premium version where you get priority as a seller.

For more details about how both the versions work, how ezebee.com earns money or anything else, you can also check out the FAQ section of their website ezebee.com.

What I liked most about this website was that no matter which part of the world you are in, just type in the city in which you want to look for stuff and you will get city-specific results.

The other thing that sealed the deal for me was that there is no end to what all one can find here. Check for example this vintage chair that I came across while random browsing.


Tell me, would you ever be able to find something like this in any of the regular brand shops? ezebee.com shops will take you to numerous such things because anybody can build anything (product or service) and sell it. 🙂 So, it is more likely to find unique things.

The site also has a good design and layout. A clean, white base with everything placed on it in tiles, kind of like Pinterest, one of my favorite ways of displaying things.

What also stands out is how ezebee is giving access to European market (where it was founded) to the small businesses that use its marketplace in India.

I think the idea of having such a marketplace, especially for both goods & services, is quite helpful for small businesses, as they cannot afford to invest a lot, take too many risks or build an elaborate strategy. On top of that, if they had opened a physical store, they would have had access to only their local market, unlike here where they get access to many foreign markets too.

So, if you are someone who is good at making handmade earrings or soaps, or even want to tell people about your cooking skills & have cooking classes, join ezebee right now and sell your forte.

281fcc_75e4 (1)

Oh, and, these are just examples. You can sell all kinds of diverse things on this free marketplace, so go and take a look 🙂

Mauerpark Flohmarkt (Flea Market), Berlin


Germany is known for its flea markets & Berlin more so. This Mauerpark one, I guess, is the most popular one in Berlin and the best thing about this one is that it combines the best of two worlds – German flea markets & Berlin’s eclectic culture.

No, truly, this is not something just for the sake of saying it. Berlin’s Mauerpark flea market offers tidbits, unique things & useful things to some people just like any German or other flea market. At the same time, it represents Berlin’s eclectic & diverse culture as closely as possible. Berlin stands for being the land for artists, illustrators, designers and entrepreneurs – a place where they can be themselves & do what they want with full acceptance, because Berlin accepts everyone & everything.

This is something that Mauerpark flea market also represents in one way. Unlike regular flea markets, it doesn’t only have vintage stuff, there are artists selling their latest creations & many people selling their handmade stuff. To add to this, the part of the Berlin wall here is also getting constantly painted & repainted by people/artists. On the sides, there’s a huge crowd sitting atop a hill & cheering Karaoke participants. If you enter the food area, you’ll see that you can literally expect anything in the stalls, Vietnamese, food from Uruguay, Mexican, Bao Buns – you name it. Yes! this is what Berlin is – everything & anything at one single point only.


‘Mauer’ is German for wall, so I believe this park is called Mauerpark because it is around a section of the Berlin wall. I went here for the second time this past Sunday & thought I’ll do a photo tour. Thing is I didn’t click as many (or should I say as varied) as I wanted, but still here’s what I have. 🙂



The main entrance



Right adjacent to where all the flea market action happens, is an open ground where people come over for picnics, although its not a well-maintained or even a clean park.

The park is also lined by a hill sort of surface, as in part of it is high up and that high up surface has Berlin wall bordering it. Have a look!


That graffiti laced wall that you see is the Berlin wall and, as you can see, its on a height.

On the top, you see the spirit of Berlin, people showing their artistic sense on the Berlin wall, people chilling on swings or just sun bathing!



Picnic people, as seen from the top

Mauerpark is also famous for one more thing, something that quite exemplifies the young & hipster spirit of Berlin. A Karaoke that happens in the ‘bear pit’. A small area of the Mauerpark flea market is called bear pit & summers usually see Karaoke happening there. The happiness & energy of people there is purely infectious! The way crowds cheer for whoever is performing leaves you with a very positive feeling.



I am standing here & clicking!

I totally feel that Mauerpark flea market & Karaoke is definitely an experience worth having while you are in Berlin. It happens on every Sunday & you can totally keep some time for it. If nothing else, you will love it for the food variety, for sure.


You can literally find someone with a robot they made themselves!


If you have been here or plan to head over, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments! 🙂


and that is just Germany gearing up for the Euro Cup! 🙂