30 places to eat in India right now!

Today I am writing an unplanned post after a really long time. I am more than just excited for this, you will soon know why. Read on.

Friday's List2

I am writing this post for this week’s Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making. Discover Challenge is a weekly challenge hosted by WordPress with different themes every week & the reason you are reading this post is because this week’s theme fit like a glove to a life situation right now. When I moved from India to Berlin & then to Ljubljana, like most Indians, what I missed most was the food. I LOVE INDIAN & INDIAN-ISED FOOD. I love writing lists too, especially physical lists – with pen & notebook. So, I started making a list of places in my notebook where I want to eat at once I am back to India, random food places that popped in my head at any time. This list was meant purely for fun & now I am sharing the joy with you.



The original list

If you are in India right now and you are a food lover, you can try some of these because, well, you only live once.

Disclaimer 1: This is not a ‘must-eat’ list because it isn’t even my favourite places, heck, I haven’t even eaten at most of these. They are just food places that came to my head while I was missing my home country & its food. So, I just noted the places for future. Also, most places are in Delhi, because that’s where I live & that’s where I will be eating immediately after going back. Haha! So, its natural.

Disclaimer 2: I personally believe that the heart of eating in India resides in its street food, more than the fancy restaurants. However, this list may not represent that because I am more inclined to note down fancy restaurants lest I forget them, but street food & important street food joints are so ingrained in my being that I know even if I forget noting them down, I’ll remember them when I am around. 🙂

Now that we have the important bits covered, let’s move to the 30 places in India (mostly Delhi) where you can eat right now. I have also tried to reason why a particular place came to my head. 🙂

  1. Big Chill: This is one of my favourite Italian joints & I have explained here why I miss it.
  2. Kake Da Hotel, Chandni Chowk: I liked the food of number 3 in the list & since they have the same names, I got reminded that a friend highly recommends this.
  3. Kake Da Hotel, CP: I like the spicy, rugged North Indian food here.
  4. Cafe Hawkers, CP: I visited this with few friends & realized that thankfully it does not do just average food with amazing ambience, like most ‘cafes’ these days. I really liked the food & they have huge portions. Yes, I am going again.
  5. Hunger Strike: This is a small momos joint in Lajpat Nagar & I have been wanting to go here since my B.Tech days, so the craving is at least 4 years old. They are supposed to have one of the tastiest momos in Delhi & momos is my drug of choice, haha!
  6. Majnu ka Tila: Not a food joint, it is a Tibetan refugee area in Delhi & I have this feeling that I would love to try the food that most restaurants & cafes sell here.
  7. Andhra Bhawan: A very simple, no-fuss Andhra food canteen that everyone seems to rave about. I have to try.
  8. Diggin: A super pretty, really dreamy cafe. I always thought its famous due to its ambience, but I have heard the food’s very good.
  9. Wow Momos: I have been around this joint so many times & always acted stingy because why spend even slightly more on momos when you can have them for so cheap. You can judge me.IMG_20150422_184840
  10. Woodbox Cafe: They have pretty food photos on their social media & many people I know like them, although they don’t seem to be exceptionally wow or something.
  11. Blue Door Cafe: I don’t know, long ago I read a blogger’s review of this place & it stayed with me, although doesn’t seem to be very out of the box.
  12. Big Yellow Door: Lot of people recommend & food seems to be delicious!
  13. QDs: Because, oh, just go here
  14. Uber Cafe, GK: We celebrated a friend’s bachelorette here & quite unexpectedly, I loved the food here, almost all the things I tried were fabulous.
  15. Cafe Lota:Recommended by friends
  16. Sakley’s – The Mountain Cafe: Recommended by friends & read about it somewhere
  17. Ivy & Bean: Many bloggers I follow seem to love it
  18. Moet’s Sizzlers: Everyone who has lived in Delhi as a child seems to love it, they have old memories with their families here, I think I should give it a go!
  19. Sitaram’s Chole Bhature:The iconic Chole Bhature joint in Old Delhi, I have tasted here & the food is heavenly!
  20. Rajma Chawal at Shanker Market: I am not a rajma chawal person but this joint is super popular & the way rajma chawal is served here – chaotically arranged on a plate with extras – makes me miss my chaotic & flavorful India so much! ❤IMG_0441_Fotor
  21. Epicuria: Curiosity! Is it a fancy food court? Is it just something overhyped? I want to know. This new place in Nehru Place that every one of my generation seems to visit is on my list, just for the heck of it.
  22. Cafe Di Ghent, Meharchand Market: Anyone who has been here loves it so bad, I feel criminal to not go & check it out.
  23. Theos, Noida:I am not a dessert person, but this comes so highly recommended, I have to see for myself what’s the big deal.
  24. Dolma Aunty’s Momos: I am a momos lover & if there was an award for the thing that I missed most in Europe, then please hand the award to momos! (They are available in Asian stores, but only non-veg ones, and Berlin being the cosmopolitan baby that it is, has some momos’ joints but they don’t manage to match up, sadly).
  25. Elma’s Bakery, HKV: Same as point 3.
  26. Various street vendors selling Gol Gappe: Because obviously.DSC_0225
  27. Various street vendors selling Momos: Because obviously.
  28. Kota Kachori, Jaipur: Kachori is an Indian snack, a fried puff filled with spicy lentil or onion mixture, it is super yummy & the ‘Kota Kachori’, a specialized version from a place called Kota, is my favourite version so far. IMG_20160101_161420_Fotor
  29. 5 pani wale gol gappe, Jaipur: These are super popular in Jaipur, although not exceptionally delicious, still eating gol gappe with 5 differently flavored waters along with my cousins who live in Jaipur is one of my most fun experiences!
  30. Visiting new cities in India & eating there: Truly, when you go somewhere, you start appreciating home more. In my case, though, I am feeling bad that I am almost 25 years old & there are so many unchartered food in India yet unexplored. Can’t wait to change that.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed compiling it! Please let me know in comments if you happen to check out any of these places. Also, you can read these if you want more foodie recommendations.





4 things you immediately notice about Berlin!


I have been meaning to make this Friday’s list since the longest time because, you know, its supposed to be about things you ‘immediately’ notice if you move to Berlin. 😀 Not quite immediate, still this post is very close to my heart. That is because these are all the reasons why I love Berlin. It is not a tourist-y kind of city, and that is why people who come here as tourists don’t find it that exciting. Berlin had a tragic history which meant most of it was destroyed by air raids etc. So, Berlin hasn’t medieval architecture or cobbled streets or vintage charm to lure you, but here are 4 reasons why you will easily fall in love with Berlin:

  1. Young Culture of its Own: Its bad that I cannot exactly explain it. Anyway, I am going to try. Berlin has a very unique culture that is specific to itself. All over Berlin, you can feel a young vibe like the place is thriving with young energy. You know like a life is just beginning to blossom! No, its not like a city of students or something, I have been to cities like that, in fact, I am currently living in one. Berlin, however, is a city of adults, teenagers, old people just like any other place but the place has a young energy of its own, brimming with new ideas. That’s why its called city of artists, designers & illustrators. The young culture also makes it look like a hipster city many times, and I understand that it can be a botheration to some!IMG_2127_FotorIMG_20160619_175217_FotorIMG_2063_Fotor


    I lived here 🙂

  2. Cosmopolitan: I have read so many expats say that Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for expats and it is totally true! Berlin is seriously so cosmo, its not even funny! Berlin accepts everyone and everything with open hands and makes them its own! Everywhere you turn, there are cultural events happening from a different culture. No matter which part of the city you live in, there would be one Indian restaurant, one Thai restaurant, one Korean restaurant, one Vietnamese Kitchen  and, of course, one Doner outlet somewhere near you. Berlin’s super inspiring startup culture also adds to the cosmopolitan nature of this city!IMG_2357_FotorIMG_2103IMG_2099_Fotor
  3. Food: Following from point 2, Berlin really has a loooooooot of variety from so many countries and none of the European cities or countries I have been to matches up! The best part, though, is that vegetarian options are just as much!! No kidding. In this city, you will be spoilt for choice for vegetarian food, and, wait for it, even vegan food!!IMG_2054_FotorIMG_2146
  4. Different area are actually different: You will probably think that this is true for any city, but really, if you lived in Berlin, you will absolutely agree because I have heard so many Europeans say this too. 🙂 There is the sophisticated Charlottenburg, the quintessentially hipster Warschauer Strasse, the tourist-y & modern Mitte & so on. While writing this line, I seriously do miss Berlin! ❤IMG_1505_FotorIMG_1453IMG_1458IMG_1479_FotorIMG_2096IMG_2102IMG_2091

That is all I wanted to share, you guys.

I would love to know what went through your mind when you read this post. Anything about Berlin? Anything about a city you fell in love with?  Tell me in the comments! 🙂


This grey city which gets colorful every once in a while! 🙂

4 things that I miss terribly about India!

I have been meaning to write this one since the longest time, but so are a 100 other posts. Better leave it at that. You know how you go somewhere & miss things that you left behind. I don’t mean loved ones & memories, even things. I had few strange revelations regarding  what all I miss from India after I moved to Berlin. That’s why I felt the need to document it. Some are really obvious things, but read on to know the weird ones:


  1. For-granted things: There are many things whose existence I didn’t even register in my daily life and I miss them. No, I am not talking about easy access to water instead of toilet paper in the toilet :D.  I am talking of things that I really didn’t register in mind while living in India! Coriander, for example. My mom is a coriander lover and she puts excess of it in every dish if she has coriander at hand. I used to be super mad about it and tell her that I don’t want coriander leaves in my food every time and that too so many. Now, here, many times, I miss coriander leaves in my food & I don’t like the other breed available at regular supermarkets (is it parsley?). So, I sometimes buy it for a very high price at Indian grocery stores. Imagine, dhania (coriander), something that is given for free many times by veggie sellers in India! 😀 I can also mention missing Chole Bhature, something that is definitely not one of my favourite fast foods back home but I still ordered it once while eating out.
  2.  Street Markets: Talking of veggie sellers back home brings me to street markets. This is a fairly obvious one. Indian street markets, especially if you live in Delhi, have a character of their own, each one of them and I miss every one of those. Be it the strictly hipster Paharganj, the book lover’s paradise on Sundays – Daryaganj, the shopper’s delight Janpath, the truly Tibetan experience – Majnu ka Tila or the shiny, bling-y wedding shopping haunt but with tiny, dirty streets – Chandni Chowk. Phewww! I miss all of them. cl3a5jd
  3. Street Food: This is so cliched, it isn’t even funny. It’s hard to find someone who has lived in India throughout their lives and they do not miss Indian street food while in abroad. I am going to go ahead and put a picture here so that everyone is salivating right on their laptops! Go people! 😀 I think I should also mention here Berlin is very cosmopolitan when it comes to food & it’s so much easy to find Indian food, even if not street food. By the way, a place near my house here sells Indian street food, yet to try it.IMG_0423_Fotor
  4.  Fabindia: Haha! Never could have even imagined this one. The only article I have from Fabindia right now is a toner spray, which is actually a gift. The last thing I bought from them was Kurtas for my father with his money. Fab India is expensive for my student life right now but whenever I am near a store, I enter it for window shopping & now I miss doing that. 😀

    Source: http://www.urbandesis.com/2014/10/urban-bites-fabindia-singapore/

    5. Taking my friends to Big Chill: Not a thing about India this is, but it is on my to-do list when I am back. That’s why the post is not called ‘5 things’ 😛 Big Chill is one of Delhi’s favourite places to dine at, including myself, when wanting to have Italian and I don’t know how I have never written about it. I wanted to take my B-school friends once there because none of them have been there. We came to our respective campuses in Europe before that could happen. So, yes, it is on the cards once I am back!


    Source: nomadicrider.com/2011/02/khan-ka-khaana-eating-out-at-khan-market/


That’s all I could think of. I know many of you are living abroad since so long, PB, Shruti di, Bikramjit & so many of you whose blogs I love reading! 🙂 Do share what it is that you miss, if anything at all!


10 quick work outfits | Friday’s List

Hello world! 😀

It has been so long since I did one of the work outfits posts. Why? Because I am still a little embarrassed about the idea of doing these posts. Today I am like what the heck! I have clicked them, might as well make good use of these pictures. You know how long it took me to realize that? Well, these pictures are from last summer, so, yes, almost a year! And, no, I did not forget about having clicked these. 🙂


Anyway, here are 7 work outfits and, as you will see, I love it when I get the maximum use out of a single clothing piece, for me this means that I am getting experimental, and, of course, it gives you more number of outfits for less money. 😀 Honestly, I sometimes feel that even if I was a princess or something, I would never have liked the idea of wearing a garment only once.

Back to the outfits, as you may know by now probably (from previous work wear posts), I hate it when women wear stuff to work that is ‘fashionable’, ‘trendy’ or ‘stylish’ as per their aesthetics, which does them more harm than good. What I mean is that women already face the challenge of not taken seriously at work and, then, you give the other gender enough reasons to not take you seriously by wearing, what, noodle straps to work? My point is simply that proper work wear doesn’t have to be boring, you don’t have to dress too-in-your-face to look good. Let me know if you agree and definitely let me know if you don’t, as that would help improve! 🙂

1. Starting with my favorite one, which you have already seen here in tons of posts.

Pink Kurta: Aurelia, Black Dupatta (Stole) & Churidaar (Trousers): Local Stores, Shoes: Westside


2. White blouse: Pantaloons (Annabelle), Peach pencil skirt: Dorothy Perkins on Jabong, Shoes: Local store


3. Baby Blue Shirt: Street Shopping in Janpath (this is at least 4 years old), Blue Pants: Van Heusen, Shoes: Bata


4. Purple Shirt: Cantabil (first garment that I bought especially for work), Grey Pencil Skirt: Bombay High, Shoes: Local stores


5. Black Kurta: Myntra.com, Pink salwar (trousers): Sabhyata, Shoes: Same as outfit 1


6. Blue Blouse: Chemistry on Limeroad.com, Peach Skirt & shoes: Same as outfit 2


7. White Shirt: Cantabil, Blue Pants: Same as outfit 3, Shoes: Same as outfit 2


8. Yellow kurta: Local store, Pink salwar: Same as outfit 5, Shoes: Local store


9. Green top: Penny Lane (ages old), Black pants: Promod, Shoes: Same as outfit 3DSC_9173

10. This is right before the onset of winters, when I thought I probably will never post these pictures.

Electric Blue Shrug: Dressberry from Myntra.com, Blue Shirt: Same as outfit 6, Pants: Same as outfit 7, Shoes: SM Store, Makati, Philippines


That’s all! And from here on, I am taking a break from these outfits posts till the time I become completely comfortable with the idea. 🙂

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. 🙂 (Know-All, you better not. 😀 😀 :D)

6 most annoying types of people in metro | Friday’s List

20141212_2156001 I know that none of you ever imagined Friday’s List as this, a post about rants or annoying people. 😀 It must have been imagined as a value addition kind of post, where you either add things to your bucket lists or get to know about few tips/tricks. But here it is, a Friday’s List about people I hate in the metro! 😀

  1. The queue breakers: Well, they are at number 1 for a reason. I hate them the most. So much so that if it wasn’t ethically & lawfully wrong, I would have loved dragging them on the floor and beating the f*ck out of them. I know it sounds outrageous but that’s how badly I hate them. There are two kinds, the ones who are unabashed, one woman actually told me this, “I don’t care if you call me shameless, I am okay being shameless than wait in the queue”, and the ones who try to act all innocent – “oh! I didn’t realize there’s a queue!” Oh my God. I wish I could slap you.
  2. The ‘gluesomes’: These are the ones who will come and stick to you even if there was enough space for a hundred people! I mean wow!
  3. The weight-putters: These are an improved version of point 2. They will not only stick to you, but also make sure that the weight of either their back or thighs or something is on you. Like, take your own support people.
  4. The high maintenance people: These are the ones who will act all sophisticated and will roll their eyes if someone asks them to accommodate them on the seat. Now, I know most of you will disagree with me and say that if a seat is meant for 7 people, why would I want to stuff 9 people in there. Here’s my logic – In a country overflowing with people, it’s better to seat as many people as possible even with a little discomfort to each of them, so that maximum possible people are seated and the ones standing are also able to stand more comfortably. So, if it only takes a little bit of adjustment, it’s fine instead of rolling those eyes!
  5. The seat hunters: Of course, how can I forget these. These I mostly do not hate because they are borderline funny. It’s funny to look at their tactics to get a freaking seat. They will do anything and I mean anything to get a seat in the metro. They are super annoying for me in two cases majorly: 1) when they try to save a seat for someone else too, that really irritates me somehow, 2) when I am standing right in front of a seat and they try to push me so that they can stand there as the next claimant of the seat, this is when all hell breaks loose and I make it a point to not let these kinds win with their shitty, uncivilized ways.
  6. Women who act victimized all the freaking time: Why is this point the last? Because this entire post was written in a fun way but this point is actually serious and scary. I think most women really need to realize that they are responsible, equal citizens instead of victims of society’s burdens. True, we have a tougher life than men in a patriarchal society, we are more unsafe, all that is true but does the onus to change that lies on someone else? Why should men treat us as equals when we ourselves act like privileged citizens asking men to stand up from seats to let us sit? I have heard about teenage girls asking old people sitting on the reserved seats to get up. Really? Lately, thanks to metro, I have started feeling that women and men are getting divided into two groups where both the groups hate each other fervently. Being cautious is one thing, but every time someone’s elbow hits you in a super crowded metro, it isn’t eve-teasing ladies! If you start putting up fights without understanding the real situation, obviously men would start treating us as a separate group which they are supposed to stand against at any cost. Can we please act like strong individuals instead of victims?

That’s all for my rant. I am sure you would have some public transport experiences which can be shared. Can’t wait to hear more cringe-worthy accounts! 😀 Oh, and, good ones too. 🙂

My 4 top favorite Instagram accounts | Friday’s List


After excitedly clicking photos for several future posts this past Sunday, I finally managed to do none of those posts till now and here I am, presenting the Friday’s List today on something totally out of the blue. I am not sure how many of you use Instagram but it wouldn’t hurt to know my favorite Instagram-ers because no matter what the medius, all hail content! 😀 So, here you go:

1. indiapictures


It was so hard to narrow down on one picture from their account to share here. I LOVE their page – I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel about every image they post, marvelous is probably too understated a word for them.

2. SoDelhi


Now I don’t follow any other Delhi guide kind of account on Instagram, so I have nothing to compare them to but I love their work, love how artfully they bring to table even the simplest of things and love how their love for Delhi shines through their account!

3. krsnamehta


The designer and owner at India Circus, his personal account is a diary of everything Indian and everything else that he loves. I like the way he perceives things while clicking, I don’t know if he puts a lot of effort while clicking for Instagram or not but I like his vision from what it appears to be from the pictures.

4. melangeofmusings


This is Sara’s account who blogs at ‘Melange of Musings’. A lifestyle blog by a girl, nothing that you haven’t heard of before, in fact you are reading one right now. However, Sara’s blog and her pictures on Instagram are unique in their own way. Her attention to detail is breathtaking and it is quite evident how painstakingly she works on making her blog posts thorough and, of course, the pictures speak for themselves.

That’s all, but before I end this post, I would like to mention that there are many Instagram accounts, probably better than the ones that I mentioned as far as artful photos are concerned but these 4 are the ones that fill me with excitement as soon as I come across a new picture by them. If you are big time into artful photos, you should definitely follow Instagram’s own official account where they keep sharing about fabulous Instagram accounts ranging from accounts dedicated to vintage cars to food architecture to sketching and doodles and what not. Then, of course, there are amazing street style photographers, not to mention the king of street style photography – the Sartorialist.

I’ll leave the rest to be explored by you. 🙂

Disclaimer: All pictures have been taken from the respective Instagram accounts. I claim no ownership.