Not lazy much? | Monday Mumbles 5


Who isn’t lazy about regular chores? At least I am. Daily chores, you know, like bathing. I do bathe every day, mind you, even in this bone-chilling Delhi weather when people should be awarded to even think of that. 😀 However, I feel like it is such a humongous task. But is there any daily routine/ritual/task that you are NOT lazy about? 

My answer: I am not lazy about kneading dough (atta goondhna). Not that I need to do it on regular basis, but I don’t so much mind it. For example, if I was living with a group of friends or roommates and we were to divide tasks, I would willingly take this one up. 🙂

Tell me about your answers now. 😀

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10 thoughts on “Not lazy much? | Monday Mumbles 5

  1. Well I am thinking. . Although I take a bath everyday myself.even when it is snowing outside…

    And this is one thing kneading dough I could never do.. or make a chapatti. .I can do rest everything. . I got to buy my chapattis .

  2. I love this segment. I am positively lazy about daily chores too…urgh 😐 but some chores piss me off at new levels when compared to folding clothes, clearing the table after the family dines. What chore I don’t mind doing … Ok… I don’t mind keeping my clothes accessories and shoe closet prim and proper. And…umm…i don’t mind (Ok this is embarrassing) cleaning the toilets daily. I don’t, but i really wouldn’t mind.! LoLLL. (Cant believe i have actually put this fact down in writing. Hahaha)

  3. As a matter of fact bathing is one task m not lazy about everrr 😛 N kneading the dough chopping veggies is like a huge task for me! if the maid skips a day I almost order food frm outside :P:P

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